Why You Should Install Concrete Pavers

The past few decades have seen an upward trend in the use of concrete pavers in commercial entrances, driveways and parking lots, plazas, and other retail and industrial applications. There is good reason for this – pavers offer numerous benefits that make them a superior choice for commercial applications. When seeking to create or update an outdoor space, the installation of concrete pavers can provide an eye-catching, cost-effective paving solution. Interlocking concrete pavers add character while functioning as a durable, low-maintenance, easy-to-install paving option. Simply put, pavers look beautiful and make a great first impression.

Not only can you find pavers in a vast array of different styles, colors, and designs, but concrete pavers are exceptionally durable! They have been used success fully in numerous commercial applications, and when properly installed, concrete pavers will easily last 20-30 years with minimal maintenance. The high-strength concrete units offer resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, high abrasion and skid resistance, minimal damage from petroleum products, and do not experience indentations from high temperatures. A wonderful advantage to pavers is that they can be taken up and replaced with no new material input. If a paver gets dislodged, it can be re-set very quickly and inexpensively. Pavers are also excellent for reducing stormwater runoff and flooding.

Safety, however, is the number one reason why Great Estates Landscaping recommends pavers for your property. By installing brick or paver walkways, you’ll increase your walkway’s skid resistance, enhance nighttime visability (when using light colored stones), and improve the flow of foot traffic. The best way to ensure that your walkways are properly paved, you’ll need to call the experts. Great Estates Landscaping should be your first call, when considering a paver installation! Call us today for a free estimate.

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