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Commercial businesses can greatly benefit from professional landscape lighting. From enhancing the victory experience to creating the ideal ambiance for your property, landscape lighting ensures you are putting your best foot forward. For public spaces, landscape lighting ensures that your space is usable and navigable after dark. And as an added benefit, landscape lighting also increases safety! With Great Estates, you’ll find a partner to install and maintain these types of services and more, including accents and flood lighting to in-ground and path lighting.

What our customers are saying.

Great Estates Landscaping has handled both my personal residence and business landscaping needs for a number of years. They do a great job and are very dependable and responsive. They take the stress out of landscaping and I highly recommend them.

Guy Dabbs,

I thank you for your contribution to the Wallace Grove School Restoration project. Your donation of 50 bales of pine straw and the use of your sod roller helped us reach the goal of protecting Morgan County’s last in situ African American school from the turn of the century.

Christine McCauley, Madison-Morgan Conservancy

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Proudly serving residents and businesses in the Madison area and surrounding 40 miles including:

  • Covington, GA
  • Eatonton, GA
  • Greensboro, GA
  • Athens, GA
  • Monticello, GA
  • Social Circle, GA
  • Winder, GA
  • Lake Oconee, GA
  • Loganville, GA
  • Monroe, GA