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Great Estates helps you make a great first impression on your customers and visitors through professional commercial landscape maintenance. Adequate landscaping simply meets the standard of doing business, but beautiful landscaping exceeds expectations, raising the value of the entire community.

Lawn care

A well-maintained lawn is the foundation of a beautiful landscape. Our dedicated lawn care experts are trained to care for your lawn in all seasons throughout the year, and focus on preventing and eliminating pests, weeds and disease, and maintenance to promote healthy growth. We trim, edge and remove debris and leaves as part of basic lawn care maintenance.

Tree and Shrub Care

Our professional tree services provide year-round protection and care for your trees. From tree pruning and trimming, removal, and fertilization and disease prevention – we ensure healthy growth. We also maintain bushes and prune shrubs to keep them healthy and promote proper growth.

Turf Care

We are turf experts and have designed our Turf Care program specifically for southern landscapes, with all the necessary nutrition for your lawn to thrive. Learn more about our commercial Turf Care program. A big part of ensuring you have healthy turf is adequate water. We offer irrigation system consultation, installation and repair. With our maintenance and Turf Care customers, in season we will start up your irrigation in the spring to ensure everything is working properly for adequate turf coverage, and we will shut down and winterize the system when appropriate. We also offer repair services as needed.


Great Estates Landscaping is the right choice for your commercial landscaping needs and that include mulch. Mulch has numerous benefits for your landscape. One of the most well-known benefits is weed suppression but it goes way beyond that. Mulch helps your soil and plants retain water, and nutrients and helps prevent erosion. Mulch also prevents soil compaction and helps control pests. We are experts at installing all types of commercial landscape mulch. We can make recommendations on what will look best for your landscape according to your budget.


Trees and shrubs are a big investment in your commercial landscape and its important to keep them healthy and beautiful. Pruning is an essential practice to the health of your trees. Great Estates commercial landscape pruning services will not only help your property look its best, but will extend the life of your plants. Proper pruning stimulates healthy growth. It also decreases occurrence of pests. Regular commercial pruning services also prevent damage to your property from falling limbs and promotes visibility – obstructed views, especially on roadways and sidewalks can be dangerous. We are experts at how to prune your landscape trees and plants and the proper time to prune them for the best results.

What our customers are saying.

Great Estates Landscaping has handled both my personal residence and business landscaping needs for a number of years. They do a great job and are very dependable and responsive. They take the stress out of landscaping and I highly recommend them.

Guy Dabbs,

I thank you for your contribution to the Wallace Grove School Restoration project. Your donation of 50 bales of pine straw and the use of your sod roller helped us reach the goal of protecting Morgan County’s last in situ African American school from the turn of the century.

Christine McCauley, Madison-Morgan Conservancy

Great Estates Landscaping has been a great example of public and private companies working together to enhance our community. With both the roundabout and the square, it’s easy to see the benefit of these types of partnerships. I would invite you to come downtown and see how our community is enjoying our beautiful square.

Mayor Ronnie Johnston, City of Covington

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