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Great Estates Landscaping specializes in commercial landscape installation, landscape design, and renovation. Building a beautiful landscape takes a solid plan that will take each part of your property into consideration and ensure that everything works together.

Our professionally trained installation experts create landscapes that enhance your building’s exterior for maximum visual appeal and utility for your customers and guests.

Count on the Great Estates commercial landscape Installation teams for:

  • Detailed Customer Service
  • Continual Innovation
  • Flawless Execution
  • Attention to Detail
  • Reliability

Landscape Design

Great Estates has a landscape design expert to who can build a plan to meet your specifications and dedicated installers who will remain on your project until it is completed. We will work with you to ensure your commercial landscape design matches your intended use for the space, regarding aesthetics, navigation, and safety. We understand cost is important and will make recommendations suited to your budget.

New Landscapes

Great Estates offers professional commercial new landscape installations from turf, to trees and shrubs and perennial gardens. From site planning and preparation to installation we are experts on the process. You want to make sure you are working with someone who understands the steps needed for new construction or you could be in store for costly workarounds late in the game. We can work alongside your general contractors to make sure your landscape elements are installed at the right times.


If you want to update your existing landscape, we can recommend the best, cost-effective solutions to bring new life to your commercial property. Mature landscapes are wonderful but sometimes need enhancements and updates to keep your property looking its best. We are experts at landscape rejuvenation. We can redesign areas of your landscape or simply remove and upgrade plants as needed. We understand you may have a significant investment in your landscape so we will work to find a cost-effective solution.

Seasonal Color

We offer extensive seasonal color program options with spring/summer and fall annuals. We understand what plants pair well together for maximum visual appeal of your commercial landscape. And, we know what plants thrive in southeastern landscapes. Done correctly, seasonal color will be a focal point of your landscape, while enhancing your other landscape plants. Great Estates seasonal color experts can provide a complete seasonal color concept for you, or take an existing plan or recommendations and build beautiful, seasonal plantings that will really make your property pop.

Hardscape Services

Quality, hardscaping can increase the value of your commercial property. Great Estates professional hardscape services not only provide beautiful hardscape features like walkways and patios, but we also plan for maximum utility of your space based on your needs. Walkways around your property should be properly planned to blend with your landscaping while providing efficient paths from your parking lots to your doors and other areas of your property.

Irrigation Installation & Repair

Great Estates offers numerous commercial landscape irrigation solutions based on your landscape plants’ water requirements and property layout.

What our customers are saying.

Great Estates Landscaping has handled both my personal residence and business landscaping needs for a number of years. They do a great job and are very dependable and responsive. They take the stress out of landscaping and I highly recommend them.

Guy Dabbs,

I thank you for your contribution to the Wallace Grove School Restoration project. Your donation of 50 bales of pine straw and the use of your sod roller helped us reach the goal of protecting Morgan County’s last in situ African American school from the turn of the century.

Christine McCauley, Madison-Morgan Conservancy

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