Spring lawn care tips for conyers, ga

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Spring is finally here and it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn for the rest of spring and into the summer. Anything you do to your lawn can help benefit its health for the rest of the year, however these secret tips, recommended by experts, will help get your lawn in shape even faster than you normally do.

Be sure to fertilize your trees and shrubs and look them over to see if they have any broken branches that need pruning. Pruning your trees and shrubs will help them flourish for the rest of the season. Taking your soil to your state’s local agricultural extension office and having it tested to make sure it is maintaining the proper pH balance and mix of nutrients for your plants will help you select the right fertilizer. Choosing the right fertilizer is crucial to restoring any missing nutrients in your soil that your lawn will need to be as healthy as possible.

Be sure to apply weed control to your lawn, as weeds are known for sneaking up when you least expect it. Tidying up your planting beds by removing old leaves and debris can help your new plants bloom faster. If you have a little extra time, use an edging tool to straighten the edges of the beds. Add at least one-inch of fresh mulch to your plant beds and around all of your trees and remove the old mulch that may still be there. If you have an underground irrigation system installed, test it to be sure it is working properly so that your landscape can thrive with the proper amount of water.

That sure does seem like a long to do list for your spring landscape! While some of us have a green thumb and enjoy tackling it all; the rest of us may feel overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed, have no fear! Simply call Great Estates Landscaping. They can handle all of your Conyers landscaping needs and have proven their landscaping skills by achieving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to getting your landscape ready for spring!

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