Signs You Might Need Drainage Repair

April showers bring May flowers, but what if those showers also bring wet areas and standing water around your property? This could a sign of poor drainage and can become very costly. Even the smallest drainage issue can lead to problems for you and your commercial building. Luckily, drainage problems have tell-tale signs that can be addressed very easily. All you have to do is call Great Estates Landscaping!

Even the smallest drainage issues can lead to large problems, so it’s important to identify them as early as possible. This standing water can create unsightly areas on your perfectly trimmed landscape. It can even seep into hardscapes, sidewalks, and roadways causing cracks and damage. And, stormwater overflow can increase insect problems and creates safety issues for your tenants. Addressing these issues with an up-to-date stormwater management plan will protect your property value and the overall water quality of your water sources. You can tackle drainage issues anytime of the year, but fall is an especially good time.

Now, we know it’s summer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for some drainage red flags. If you notice wet areas, water backing up into the building, or diseased looking plants in your landscape, you could be experiencing some issues. Severe drainage problems can cause sinkholes, exposed root systems of plants and trees, and the cost of these repairs are astronomical and will only get worse over time.

You need to take action as soon as you notice any drainage red flags to prevent further damage. Start by calling a commercial landscaping company to create a custom stormwater management plan for your commercial property. Great Estates Landscaping has a certified and experienced team that will give you and your drainage system some help. Our experts will properly install, maintain, and repair any of your landscaping need and help you create and keep the property of your dreams. When you’re ready to solve your drainage problems, give the experts at Great Estates Landscape a call.

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