Preventing Common Commercial Landscape Injuries

Businesses like creative and attractive outdoor spaces to help them make a good first impression. However, without careful consideration and proper routine maintenance, those outdoor spaces can become liabilities, causing injuries and accidents for visitors. The landscape design professionals at Great Estates Landscaping know that business want their visitors to be safe. To avoid preventable insurance claims property managers should consider the following tips for making their commercial landscapes safer.

Keep Equipment Out Of Sight and Reach

One of the most important and obvious tips, is to put all landscaping tools, including all motorized and non-motorized equipment away. Small children are curious and may wander away from parents if the tools used in lawn or shrub care are left unattended. Even adults can trip over cords and tools if they are unfamiliar with the surroundings. Landscaping tools should be put away when not in use. To avoid all potential injury, care of the grounds should be done when visitors are unlikely, such as before or after business hours.

Monitor Pedways For Potential Dangers

Uneven paths, whether concrete, brick, dirt, gravel, or some other substance, create hazards for people who may be a bit unsteady. Skilled nursing facilities, senior centers, schools, hospitals and other medical care buildings are most especially susceptible to these types of dangers.

Steps should obvious and if they require any effort, should include at least one sturdy handrail on one side. All flat walkways should be smooth and free of debris.

Fences and Signage Make Good Landscaping Gatekeepers

If there are areas where visitors shouldn’t go, fence them off and provide clear signage explaining why. Chains and posts are sometimes used to section off areas where visitors shouldn’t go, but it’s best not to take chances on visitors crossing temporary barriers. Solid walls or fencing should be used.

Stow and Secure Landscaping Maintenance Materials

Flammable materials and toxic liquids should be stored behind locked doors or in locked cabinets in storage sheds. This includes fuel for equipment, fertilization products, weed elimination products, stains for fencing and oil. By keeping liquids safely stored away, businesses can avoid the accidental poisoning of children and potential exposure to visitors by substances that may make them ill or cause breathing problems.

Danger: Sharp Edges

Finally, any shrubs or bushes used to beautify the space should be free from thorns and sharp branches that could potentially stab or cut visitors. Visual inspection of commercial landscaping should help avoid such injuries, if done on a weekly basis or after a major storm.

It is ideal to have an attractive outdoor space but it also needs to be a safe space for visitors. Even if you don’t believe something will happen, it still can. Routinely inspecting your commercial landscape will keep it clear of hazards and your business free of lawsuits.

Not sure if your commercial landscaping design, plants, shrubs and trees are safe for visitors? Great Estates Landscaping helps property managers who want to make a great first impression on their visitors, enhance the safety of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Contact us for a free commercial landscaping design estimate today.

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