Our Top 3 Most Colorful Flowers for Fall

Did you feel that? This morning was the first day that the air felt crisp! Fall has finally arrived and our electric bills are thanking us with cooler temperatures. But, did you know that now is the perfect time to revamp your property’s border plants and containers? That cooler weather makes getting out in your garden a breeze, but the soil is still warm from summer’s hot heat, which means new plant roots can still grow before winter’s first frost. So, if your garden needs a little color or your business need better borders, try planting some of fall’s most colorful annuals. Great Estates Landscaping has complied our list of the top 3 flowers that are both colorful and hardy, so you can enjoy nature’s beauty (almost) all year round.


First up is the ever popular Pansy. Not only is the pansy perfectly pretty, but it’s also Great Estates’s September Featured Flower! This popular annual requires cool temperatures and darkness, to germinate, so right about now is the perfect time to plant. You can also expect your seeds to generally germinate in 1-2 weeks, although don’t expect any blooms until 15 weeks. When your pansies finally appear, get ready for a gorgeous array of color! Pansies come in almost any color combination you can think of, from inky black-violet to the lightest sky blue. Or, brighten your space with golden yellow and red pansies! To keep pansies healthy, you have to regularly take off dead or dying flowers. Caring for your pansies properly will keep them blooming attractively, greeting visitors into your business.


Chrysanthemums offer one of the widest varieties of shape and color found in any ornamental plant and they’re a pretty cheery flower too. You’ll find almost any color on the spectrum including the traditional fall shades of wine, goldenrod, rust, and orange. Mums, as they’re often called, thrive in cooler climates. When buying mums, try and select tightly closed buds that are showing only a small bit of color.


Lastly, fall just wouldn’t be fall without the cheery yellow flowers of the goldenrod. It’s a tough, beautiful plant that looks good despite barriers like heat and drought. However, the like our other two choices, fall in the best time for goldenrods to flower. And, don’t be fooled by their name. Goldenrods aren’t typically a source of allergies; this is a common misperception.

Fall can be cheery with these 3 flowering beauties. These flowers will add charm and color to your businesses and commercial properties and also look gorgeous around gardens and landscapes. But, don’t worry about planting your pansies! Great Estates Landscaping is on hand to make sure your garden grows with color and vibrancy.

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