Let Your Lawn Breathe: Time To Aerate Before It’s Too Late!

Last week marked the official kickoff of the summer season, although it has felt like summertime for the past few weeks in Georgia. It’s an optimal time to prepare your lawn for healthy growth through the remaining seasons, and the perfect opportunity to have the grassy areas on your property aerated.

Soil in your yard gets compacted with time, which can prevent new growth. Core aeration can benefit your lawn in many ways.

For healthy grass all season long, our team completes routine aeration services right now, at the brink of summer. Warm-season grasses begin an active period of growth during this time, and by aerating now, your grass can heal and fill in open areas (after soil plugs have been removed through aeration).

By performing routine aeration, your grass will benefit greatly by receiving air, water, and vital nutrients that are able to move to the root system more efficiently.

Aeration of your lawn is also helpful in eliminating the presence of thatch. The term thatch refers to a loose layer of intermingled dead & living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the soil surface and the green grass above. This occurs when your grass and turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down. Aeration speeds up the process of soil microorganisms for decomposing thatch.

Aeration also increases water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil, providing a better environment for your turf and plants. Additionally, it enhances the infiltration of your irrigation system, making it more efficient.

When your soil is compacted it doesn’t always absorb fertilizer and chemicals optimally, so aeration also helps with absorption of these things. All of this leads to a healthier lawn.

Make more time to do what you enjoy this summer by allowing our expert team to aerate your residential or commercial property’s lawn for the season. If you have questions on the specifics, contact us to have our team provide you with a FREE consultation today! Your lawn will thank you.

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