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Keep Your Landscape in the Green with these Smart Irrigation Techniques

Love Your Landscape & the Environment

Summer is an important time to save water and employing smart irrigation techniques will continue to be important as we move through August and into the fall, which is why we want to take just a moment to discuss tips for using water efficiently during the height of summer.

You may be over-watering your lawn without knowing. By using proper techniques, you can maintain a healthy lawn, save money on your utility bill, and conserve water and time!

By following these simple strategies, you’re guaranteed to yield better results your lawn and the environment.

Plant right. Making simple changes to your landscape and gardening routine including upfront planning and planting will guarantee long-term satisfaction and help protect the environment.

Aerate your lawn. If your lawn is compacted water cannot reach the soil and provide adequate nourishment to your lawn – you will end up using more water. If water can penetrate the soil and do it’s job you will use less of it.

Invest in an irrigation system. With an automatic irrigation system, you can ensure that water is evenly distributed, only areas that need water are receiving it and your lawn is watered on a timer at the most suitable times of day.

Water wisely. On average, most lawns only need 1 inch of water per week to maintain a desirable appearance (this includes rainwater).

Maintain and upgrade your system. Damage from lawn equipment and improper winterization can cause leaks and other serious problems with irrigation systems. Regular maintenance ensures your equipment works efficiently year after year. And if you’re looking to upgrade your current system, installing rain sensors is an easy way to measure rainfall and will instruct your system to bypass a scheduled watering if it isn’t needed.

Work with an irrigation professional. In addition to designing and installing your irrigation system, a company who specializes in irrigation will provide professionals who are qualified to replace heads and valves, as well as make upgrades.

If you’re in need of irrigation services, the professionals at Great Estates Landscaping are highly trained in the latest irrigation services and techniques. We offer a variety of services including checking, adjusting, repairing, and replacing your current sprinkler systems. We also offer maintenance packages to help you maintain a stellar landscape year-round.

Contact us today at service@greatestateslandscaping.com or 800-657-8084.

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