July’s Featured Flower: The Black Eyed Susan

Welcome to summer! Summertime in Georgia is one of the greatest, and hottest, times of the year. But, all that sun can create bare spots in your landscaping. Not to mention, if one of our famous thunderstorms blows in, there can be damage to the plants throughout your commercial property. But, you still need colorful, eye-catching blooms to draw attention to your business. If you’ve been looking for a late bloomer to charm your commercial landscape, consider the humble Black Eyed Susan, Great Estates Landscaping’s Featured Flower for the month of July.

Don’t be fooled by its wild-flower origins. A North American native, the Black Eyed Susan is a stunning flower, with vibrant yellow petals and a striking black center. While it does have a tendency to blanket entire fields with blooms, Black Eyed Susan’s can be corralled, without much effort. Just an occasional trim. Plus, these are very hardy flowers. They actually thrive in direct sunlight! That’s because the Black Eyed Susan is a relative to the Sunflower. See the family resemblance?

Black Eyed Susan’s are also well suited to poor soil. Have you noticed any bald spots in your landscaping, or places that are so shaded that nothing could grow? Try a patch of Black Eyed Susan’s. Not only will they thrive, they’ll create a welcoming site into your commercial building. Let’s not forget, the yellow darlings are gorgeous around medians or round-a-bouts.

Now, these flowers can grow to be very tall. To balance the scale of these plants, try planting them with shorter plants in the front of your landscaping display. Or, you can plant them with ornamental grasses, which would look splendid in roadside projects.

Take a tip from the professionals at Great Estates Landscaping and consider adding the Black Eyed Susan to your commercial landscape. Still have questions or would like to know more about our Featured Flower? Give us a call today and speak to the Great Estates Landscaping team. We can discuss how to create the perfect welcoming to your commercial building, or our plans for your commercial landscaping needs.

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