How to maintain your winter landscaping

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While your winter landscaping may not be as bright as it is the rest of the year, it is still vital to your landscaping to maintain it during the cold, winter months. If you are not sure how to uphold your landscaping during the winter, contact Great Estates Landscaping. Great Estates Landscaping offers several ideas and services that will help you maintain healthy landscaping, even during winter!

There are several ways to sustain a healthy landscaping during the winter. One service that Great Estates Landscaping suggests is mulch treatments. Mulch treatments provide benefits to landscaping during the winter in many ways such as erosion control, weed deterrent, better soil moisture, and increasing organic matter that promotes soil health.

Great Estates Landscaping offers two types of mulch for mulch treatments. You can choose from pine straw and bark mulch. Both pine straw and bark mulch provide the benefits listed above and can greatly help sustain your landscaping during the winter. Pine straw is the most cost effective choice and still gives your landscaping the touch-up that it needs. Bark mulch, while costing a tad bit more, has a rich appearance and is resistant to compaction, making it a popular choice.

If you are interested in sustaining healthy landscaping throughout the rest of winter, contact Great Estates Landscaping. Not only do they offer mulch treatments with your choice of mulch, they can suggest a variety of services that will help you sustain the healthiest landscaping possible during the winter.

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