How to enhance your employees morale with landscaping

Blog Contributed by David West

The winter season is famous for its very challenging disease:  “the winter blues.” The “winter blues” is a sickness that imposes itself on almost everyone who is touched by the gray, cloudy days and bitter cold air. These cloudy, bitterly cold days can make any employee feel saddened or distracted. Looking out of your office’s windows becomes much less appealing when the only thing to look at is the dull gray of the sky and the sprawling patches of dead, brown grass in front of your building.

So what can we do to avoid the plague of winter sadness this season? I would suggest a change of scenery that only the best of landscaping companies can provide. Great Estates Landscaping offers a variety of services that can spice up any commercial property! Adding cold weather shrubbery, paved stone paths, or even a unique water garden are all things that Great Estates Landscaping can bring to your company’s landscaping.

By changing your company’s landscaping around, you can effectively boost all of your employees’ morale! In fact, some of the most beautiful, colorful winter plants that can help brighten up your landscape are Red Twig Dogwood, Winterberry, Camellia, and Heather. These lively red and pink plants will enhance your company’s landscape as well as the moods of your employees.

By trusting Great Estates Landscaping to brighten up your commercial property, your employees’ moods will brighten as well. No longer will your employees be forced to look at dead patches of brown grass or focus on the dull, gray sky. Now they will be able to look out of your building’s window and not feel the dreaded “winter blues,” but a cheerful, festive response instead.

So this winter season, when you begin to notice the wavering morale around your building, be sure to give Great Estates Landscaping a call. Not only will Great Estates Landscaping brighten up your company’s landscaping, they will enhance the moods of your employees as well!

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David West is not only a manager on the landscape maintenance, installation and turf management team of Great Estates Landscaping, he is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible.

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