How Green is Your Grass? It Might Be Time To Resod

Blog Contributed by David West

Has your landscape become brown and lifeless? If this sounds familiar, why not consider a complete overhaul? Your grass can be greener and all you need to do is re-sod. Renovating a lawn or landscape can be a daunting task. But, with the correct tools and some professional help, you can have a lush landscape in no time!

Sod, which is a mature lawn that has been professionally grown and cultivated and cut into thick rolls with underlying soil and roots, can become an instant new lawn. Sod can take as many as two years to mature, but even though the plants in a roll are established and mature when compared with their seeded counterparts, care must be taken at the time of planting to ensure plant survival.

Once the grass has died off, landscapers use a sod cutter to remove the old top growth. Once the soil is prepared, you can properly install your lawn, by rolling out the sod. The difficulty with re-sodding is that you need some place to put the dead sod. You can rototill the area and rake out the dead grass that remains on the top, but there will still be some cleanup.

Don’t bother with all of the hassles and clean up. Just call us! Our Great Estates Landscaping team will completely re-sod your landscape and handle any and all clean-up of debris. You’ll have a brand new commercial landscape, with zero hassle. See how well your grass can grow and call Great Estates Landscaping, for your re-sodding project.

You can also ask about our annual maintenance program. Remember, proper oversight and maintenance by our trusted professionals means you can spend your time doing what you do best and let us care for your lawn. Ask us about an annual maintenance plan tailored specifically for your property.

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David West is not only a manager on the landscape maintenance, installation and turf management team of Great Estates Landscaping, he is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible.

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