How commercial landscaping benefits hospitals

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Commercial Landscaping is beneficial in not only a number of ways, but also to a number of people. Commercial landscaping can be extremely beneficial in the way of increasing happiness and reducing stress among those in a work place or even at home; however, plants are also beneficial to patients and residents of hospitals and long-term care facilities.

A study conducted by Texas A&M has shown that hospitals and nursing homes, for example, benefit greatly from commercial landscaping. Hospitals and long-term care facilities with professional landscaping services showed that optimism was higher among the patients and residents in their facilities than among those who were not surrounded by vibrant landscaping.

Colorful, commercial landscaping has also proven to increase mental health in patients and long-term care residents. (Barnicle 2003, Faber Taylor 2001b, Grinde 2009, McFarland 2010, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens 2009, Shoemaker 2009, Wolf 2004b). By surrounding hospital patients and long-term care residents with plants increases their optimism about life and encourages a more positive outlook on the future. Plants help reduce stress levels and feelings of depression among those in care facilities.

Commercial landscaping also increases someone’s perceived quality of life. (Brethour 2007, Bisco Werner 1996, McFarland 2010, Nadel 2005, Phipps Botanical Gardens and Conservatory 2010, Wolf 2004b, Younis 2008). A lively landscape helps hospital patients and long-term care residents associate their current residence with a more positive feeling. Installing landscaping is vital to promoting a more positive atmosphere among hospitals and long-term care facilities. Commercial landscaping, along with its many other health benefits, fosters therapeutic benefits, too. (Aldous 2000, Barnicle 2003, Brethour 2007, Collins 2008, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens 2009, Pohmer 2008, Rappe 2005, Stoneham 1995).  Patients and residents of care facilities can greatly profit from commercial landscaping.

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