Frost Bite Fright: How to Winter Proof Your Commercial Irrigation System

Most commercial landscapes utilize some type of irrigation system. They’re certainly helpful in keeping turf and flower beds fresh and hydrated during the spring, summer, and fall months. And, we know that winter watering is just as important for them to thrive in the cold. So, it’s an excellent idea, now that fall is almost over, to think about protecting your pipes. Before the first frost sets in, we’re setting you up with tips and tricks to keep your water system winter-proof. By sticking to these simple methods, you’ll save your business’s lawn from becoming an absolute mess. Frozen irrigation pipes can burst and lead to flooding. And, if it’s cold enough for the pipes to split, all that water will certainly freeze over your plants. Talk about frost-bitten pansies!

First, don’t panic! You and your pipes have plenty of time to prepare. Start by prepping your commercial irrigation system for the winter you experience. If you live in a temperate zone, chances are your irrigation system probably won’t experience much frost. Placing a thin layer of insulation on any outside pipes will protect them enough from any freezing water. It might be a great idea to drain your pipes of any excess water, too. Better safe than sorry!

You should start by checking your irrigation system’s automatic drains. Most systems have these drains which are designed to take water out of the sprinkler system, after the pipes have been put to use. Checking to make sure these drains are functioning properly will ensure that there is no water left in your irrigation system. After the drains have been looked over, take an air compressor and blow any remnants of moisture away. Now, be warned! Blowing out your pipes is a very delicate task and it’s important to use the correct air compressor so you don’t damage any sprinkler heads or your backflow system. Hiring a professional for this task is probably the best idea.

Speaking of professionals, if you need an extra hand in winterizing your irrigation system, or are curious to install a watering system yourself, give us a call! Our specialists at Great Estates Landscaping are always happy to answer questions and help your business look its best. Even in winter.

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