Fall pansies!

Blog Contributed by Stephen McClain

If you are looking for a colorful, low landscape maintenance flower – think pansies. These fun flowers are perfect for any season and come in a variety of color, meaning that you can decorate your landscaping with seasonally appropriate reds, oranges and yellows, all with just a few pansies.

Pansies are beautiful flowers that can grow in a rainbow of colors. This plant will bring life to your landscaping and refresh the area around your home, business, or both. Pansies are easy in terms of landscape maintenance; just by adding fertilizer to your pansies, it will help them flourish all year long.

Pansies come in two types: monkey-faced and clear-faced. Monkey-faced pansies have a dark-blotch in the middle of the flower. Clear-faced pansies are simply one solid color. Either type of pansy will add a fun splash of color to any dull landscaping without adding too much landscape maintenance. Great Estates Landscaping loves pansies for any season and can easily install these colorful, little flowers to your landscaping.

As mentioned earlier, pansies come in a rainbow of fun colors! From deep violets, sunny yellows, bright blues, and rich reds – there is a color of pansies for you no matter what color you prefer. Pansies are the low maintenance, colorful solution to any landscape. They are also great even if you are just looking to change up your landscaping altogether! Great Estates Landscaping has several suggestions as to how to add these great flowers to your landscape – call us today!

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In addition to being a manager on the landscaping maintenance, installation and turf management team at Great Estates Landscaping, Stephen McClain is a sports fanatic who enjoys spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities with his family.

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