Embrace winter landscape design accents

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It is no secret that dull whites and grays can take over your landscaping in the winter. When there are only a few flowers that can handle the chilly, winter season, where do you turn?

Great Estates Landscaping suggests embracing winter landscape designs that are already in your yard. Some of the winter landscaping design accents we are referring to are focusing on tree bark, including berries to add a touch of color and keeping evergreens in mind.

Although the bright green leaves disappear from trees each year, there is still a delicacy to trees that occurs only during the winter season. Most trees have visually distinctive bark, which gives them a unique touch. Tree trunks and branches take a backseat during the spring, summer and fall seasons. In winter, you can truly notice the unique texture and color of a tree’s bark – ultimately making it a great winter landscape design and accent.

Embracing plants that produce berries in the winter months is another landscape design idea. Many trees and shrubs hold onto their berries during the winter season, which easily adds a pop of color to your winter landscaping. There are a variety of shrubs and trees that yield berries. Some of our favorites include the Crabapple Tree and the Holly Bush. Both the Crabapple Tree and the Holly Bush hold onto bright red berries all throughout the winter, making it a perfect winter landscape design.

Lastly, keep evergreen plants in mind for your winter landscape. Evergreens are one of the few plants that can survive the cold, winter temperatures. It is commonly thought that evergreens are only green in color, but that is not the case. Evergreens can be yellow, such as the Gold Thread False Cypress is; or even the color blue, like the Dwarf Blue Spruce. Evergreens, no matter what color or plant you choose, make for charming landscape designs in the winter.

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In addition to being a manager on the landscaping maintenance, installation and turf management team at Great Estates Landscaping, Stephen McClain is a sports fanatic who enjoys spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities with his family.

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