Edible Landscape Ideas for Your Home

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Edible landscaping has become the most popular garden trend of 2016. Who wouldn’t want to turn their backyard into their own personal salad bar? And, using edible plants in your next landscape design can enhance your garden with additional health, aesthetic, and economic benefits. Any homeowner can easily add edible elements to their existing garden. It just takes a bit of work. Great Estates is bringing you our favorite edible garden additions, as well as some tips to keep your new produce in tip-top shape!

One of the most common additions to an edible garden is a fruit tree. Apple, peach, pear, the possibilities are endless! But don’t just stop at trees. Try showcasing some edible arrangements. Edible flowers bring color and vibrancy to your garden. We love nasturtium, lavender, and pansies. But, most rose species are good for eating as well as some species of lilies! Check out your local nursery and see what is in season.

And, don’t forget your vegetables! Cucumbers and carrots are always available and work well in most climates. You can also place a vine of cherry tomatoes across a trellis. It’ll provide you both fruit and shade. But, remember, your whole garden doesn’t have to be all edible. Instead, careful planning and the judicious use of fruits, herbs, and vegetables results in a yard that is flavorful, practical, and visually pleasing.

You can find types of edible flowers or plants that work in most types of garden areas. You should be aware of soggy soil though. Most problems with edible gardens occur because the soil is too wet, which promotes mold growth and results in sickly plants. The sunniest spots and the areas with the choicest soil are best reserved for most fruit trees and annual vegetables. On the other hand, there are culinary herbs suitable for rocky or poor soils, and a few perennial edibles for wet locations. Theoretically, any edible plant can be used in an ornamental landscape; but practically and aesthetically, some are better suited than others.

If the idea of an edible garden sounds perfect for your home, call Great Estates Landscaping! We’ll scout out the perfect spots for your trees, plants, and flowers and make sure they bloom in beauty.

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In addition to being a manager on the landscaping maintenance, installation and turf management team at Great Estates Landscaping, Stephen McClain is a sports fanatic who enjoys spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities with his family.

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