Christmas Decor by Great Estates Landscaping

Remember the Griswolds from Christmas Vacation? And that infamous scene where Clark Griswold has completed decorating his home? After meticulously placing each strand of lights, each tiny reindeer, he yells for his lovely wife to throw the switch. AND…nothing. No lights. No music. Nothing.

Don’t be a Clark Griswold.

Have a holiday season that’s full of celebration rather than stress. And one where the lights will always come on! Did you know that Great Estates Landscaping can create beautiful, custom designed Christmas decorations for your holiday office or commercial property? Say goodbye to ladders, tangled light strands and blown out lights. Just step back and enjoy the Christmas show.

Christmas Décor by Great Estates will come to your business and give you a complimentary estimate on the display and decorations of your choice. After we’ve customized your Christmas design, we craft and create and even pick the decorations up for storage and reuse for the next holiday season.

During the holiday season, our lighting elves will visit your property and work their magic, making sure everything is functioning properly and looking great. Any lights that aren’t twinkling will be taken to Santa’s workshop and repaired. We properly maintain all decorations we hang, so you will enjoy your dazzling display the whole season long!

We invite you to call us today to find out your free estimate. Yes, Christmas can be enjoyable, festive and stress-free, and your holiday light installation is just a consultation away. So, don’t be Clark Griswold. Schedule your consultations today!

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