Call Great Estates to Clean Your Gutters!

It’s been a fairly dry summer, but there have been some torrential thunderstorms, too. Leaves, pine needles and dirt seem to be flooding the streets and running directly into your storm gutters. You all know how important it is to maintain your homes’ gutters, but what about commercial buildings? Did you know that clogged or broken gutters account for a substantial amount of property damage? If left untreated, your commercial property could be facing some pretty costly problems. With the afternoon summer rainstorms and debris flooding your gutters, it may be a good time to consider cleaning them out.

A broken or clogged gutter can result in a number of issues, if left untreated. Properly functioning gutters eliminate any risks of property damage by removing stagnant water, reduce the chance for mold and decay, and diverts water away from your foundation, walls and gardens. You should be giving your gutters a thorough cleaning once a year, but can we suggest a twice a year cleaning, if you have low hanging trees close to your building’s roof. Be sure to check the downspouts too! Heavy rains will send floods of water down your roof. So, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are ready to handle such a downpour.

If climbing ladders and scooping out gunk isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Great Estates Landscaping can help you protect your roof and structure from potential water damage that will occur if your gutters have been neglected. Reach out to us and have your gutters inspected and cleaned by our professionals.

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