Bring Color Back to Your Winter Landscape with Winter Jasmine

Blog Contributed by David West

It can be difficult to find flowering plants that look great in the dead of winter. Fortunately, Great Estates Landscaping has you covered! Our Feature Plant for February will bring color and class to your landscape. We proudly present Winter Jasmine, our February feature, and one of our favorite blooms!

Winter jasmine is a great addition to your garden or commercial property. The deciduous shrub grows up to four feet high and can be trellised or allowed to drape across retaining walls or trimmed into border shrubs. Some producers have even found that Winter Jasmine shrubs can spread up to seven feet in length! Native to China, winter jasmine blossoms into beautiful, sunny yellow flowers that bring warmth and happiness to any plot of land. However, winter jasmine does lack the signature scent of its cousin, Jasminium.

If you are considering adding winter jasmine to your garden, be aware; this plant does bear a strong resemblance to Forsythia. While both plants produce charming, yellow flowers in winter, Forsythia plants produce their flowers all at once, for a very short amount of time. Winter Jasmine, on the other hand, blooms throughout the winter! Forsythia also does best when grown upright, whereas winter jasmine can be used in a variety of forms.

You can see why we chose winter jasmine as our Feature Plant of February. With its sunny blooms and hearty branches, winter jasmine is the perfect way to bring color and life to your winter garden. Consider adding winter jasmine to your garden or commercial property today!

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David West is not only a manager on the landscape maintenance, installation and turf management team of Great Estates Landscaping, he is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible.

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