Avoid the winter blues and winterize your tools!

Blog Contributed by Stephen McClain

The weather has finally turned cold! So, now it’s even more important for both our commercial and residential friends and clients to prepare your tools and equipment for winter. It is so important to winterize your tools. You may not have even thought to protect your tools from the frost. But, without taking these steps, your tools could suffer and be unusable in the spring. Take these steps and avoid the winter blues!

Empty any gasoline remaining in your mower and other equipment engines and in fuel lines. Gas left in engines can gum up fuel lines if the equipment is not used for a while. You’ll also want to clean and sharpen your mower blades. Residue left on the blades can encourage rust, which is a major no-no. Maintain your favorite gardening tools by sharpening shovels, spades, hoes and pruners. It’s a good idea to rub down wood handles with linseed oil and wipe metal blades with an oily cloth to help prevent rusting. Clean your chimneys, exhaust systems and any outside lines and filters so that they are free from debris that could be a fire hazard. Bring your watering hoses out of the cold and ensure that they’re properly drained. Store your hoses in a coil and be sure to not kink the lines. Repair leaks with a hose repair kit which you can get at your local home or garden store. Make sure all exterior pipes have ample insulation to avoid an unwelcomed pipe break and make sure all exterior doors, garages, roll-ups and windows have sufficient weather stripping. And finally, be sure to test and change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms.

All of the above suggestions will ensure that your outside tools will be in tip-top condition, once Spring arrives. And ensuring your outside doors, garages, and chimneys are free of debris and properly insulated will keep you and your family safe and warm this winter. Still need some winterizing advice? Call the professionals at Great Estates Landscaping. We’ll help you with all your winterizing needs and make sure that your tools and landscaping can “spring” into action.

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In addition to being a manager on the landscaping maintenance, installation and turf management team at Great Estates Landscaping, Stephen McClain is a sports fanatic who enjoys spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities with his family.

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