Avoid frostbite fright! winter-proof your commercial irrigation system

Blog Contributed by Stephen McClain

Most commercial landscapes utilize some type of irrigation system. They’re certainly helpful in keeping our turf and flower beds fresh and hydrated during the spring, summer and fall months.

It’s an excellent idea, now that fall is almost over, to think about protecting your pipes. Before the first frost sets in, we’re setting you up with tips and tricks to keep your water system winter-proof. By sticking to these simple methods, you’ll save your turf from becoming an absolute mess. Frozen irrigation pipes can burst and lead to flooding. And, if it’s cold enough for the pipes to split, all that water will certainly freeze over your plants. Talk about frost-bitten pansies!

There’s no need to worry. There is plenty of time to prepare. At Great Estates, our expert team will start by prepping your commercial irrigation system for our southeastern winter. Chances are we won’t have a lot of time with temps below freezing. Placing a thin layer of insulation on any outside pipes will protect them enough from any freezing water. It might be a great idea to drain your pipes of any excess water, too. Better safe than sorry!

We will also check your irrigation system’s automatic drains. Most systems have these drains which are designed to take water out of the sprinkler system, after the pipes have been put to use. Checking to make sure these drains are functioning properly will ensure that there is no water left in your irrigation system.

After the drains have been looked over, it’s a good time to remove any excess moisture by blowing out the pipes. This is a delicate task that, if not done properly, can damage sprinkler heads or your backflow system. Our professionals are trained to remove this excess moisture and not put any stress on your irrigation system.

If you would like more information on winterizing your irrigation system, or installing a watering system, give us a call! Our specialists at Great Estates Landscaping are always happy to answer questions and help your business look its best. Even in winter!

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In addition to being a manager on the landscaping maintenance, installation and turf management team at Great Estates Landscaping, Stephen McClain is a sports fanatic who enjoys spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities with his family.

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