Annuals Add Color To Fall Landscapes

Fall is here, which makes this the ideal time to plant. For trees and shrubs, this is the best time to start planning and planting to ensure that you have your dream landscape come spring. Here are our top five reasons that fall is the best time to plant.

It allows the roots enough time to become established before next year’s summer heat
The milder winter temperature in our region gives us the benefit of the soil usually never freezing. This allows your newly planted tree or shrubs an opportunity to establish its root system, and your tree or shrub will have a solid root system and will focus its energy on top growth when spring hits.


Ever find yourself longing for a shady place to rest in the dog days of summer? Trees planted in the fall have more than enough time to grow a shade canopy before the heat arrives. Trees planted in the spring will not provide that because of the shorter time frame between the seasons.


There are numerous benefits of fertilization and the boost it gives towards growth. Plants and trees store “energy” in the fall/winter because they are working on establishing their root systems. For further growth, you can fertilize your newly planted trees and shrubs which will produce better top growth gains in the spring. Click here for more information on fertilization.

Water requirements are lower

The shorter days and the cooler weather helps to eliminate evaporation and shorter days mean that photosynthesis actually slows down, resulting in your new plants requiring less water than if planted in the spring.

Fall color

Who does not like to see the color change that happens during fall? The different hues paint an amazing portrait for your property that only comes once a year. The different variety of red, orange, and green allows you to see what will look best planted in those blank areas.

These are our top five reasons why fall is the best time to plant. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment for us to help you plan your fall planting portrait, contact us at

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