Add annuals to your georgia landscaping

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Spring is here! Looking for beautiful plants to add to your garden? We believe that annuals are the overall “all-stars” of spring plants this season and we recommend them to anyone looking to spruce up the color in their landscaping. Annuals bring a pop of color and a yummy fragrance anywhere that it is planted.

Annuals are fantastic to add to a garden for several reasons. Some of these reasons include their vigorous growth patterns and large blooms. These flowers are also extremely versatile meaning that they work great in any location, such as containers, window boxes or in flowerbeds. Along with their versatility, they can completely fill up any bare spots that you may have in your garden all while emitting a delightful fragrance.

There are several different types of annuals and all make for great “cut flowers” that you can easily take inside and make a homemade bouquet out of. If you think that annuals are what your landscaping needs, we recommend checking out some of our favorite spring annuals, which include Begonias, Lantanas, Coleus, Salvia, Purple Fountain Grass, Verbenas, and Wave Petunias.

When looking for ways to make your landscaping feel fresh and bright, add any type of annuals to your lawn! These flowers are the easiest way to give your landscaping a springtime makeover. If you are interested in adding annuals to your landscaping, be sure to call Great Estates Landscaping. We are the landscaping experts and can help transform your landscaping this spring, simply by adding annuals!

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