Add an azalea to your landscaping this fall!

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Fall is almost here! Are you looking for a plant that will change your landscaping up a bit before the cold weather sets in? Well if you have the space and a little bit of time, we suggest incorporating an azalea bush into your landscaping. An azalea is a perfect, bright colored plant that does not require an abundant amount of maintenance.

Azaleas are a landscaping staple that are best known for their resiliency. These plants can withstand practically any weather and even spontaneous, chillier fall weather. Azaleas are deciduous shrubs that prefer filtered sunlight and to be watered on a regular basis. While azaleas are not high-maintenance plants, it is suggested to not plant them in clay soil as root rot can occur.

Not sure which type of azalea to invest in? We love the Formosa azalea. The Formosa azalea features rich lavender or pink flowers and deep green leaves that are just as beautiful as its large blooms. This particular type of azalea is especially sun tolerant and can withstand many different conditions. If you are to pick any type of azalea, we suggest you go with the Formosa.

If you are looking for a different size or color of azalea, there are many to choose from. If you are looking for a smaller bush that will range from 3 feet wide to 3 feet high, you can choose from the “Autumn Angel” that features white flowers, “Autumn Bravo” that has red flowers, or “Autumn Coral” which has coral flowers. There are 12 different varieties of medium-sized azaleas that are in the 4-foot size range. These feature white, red, purple, and pink flowers.

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