Mosquito Season Is Here.

First time treatment $40*

Act Now

With warm weather
comes mosquitoes

Be prepared with effective and affordable mosquito control.
Enjoy the outdoors, MOSQUITO FREE!



Great Estates is providing mosquito control services for residential and commercial properties.

Our mosquito barrier spray lasts up to 60 days, and takes less than 1 hour to apply.



First time treatment $40*

After initial treatment, additional treatments will be priced
according to the size of the area being treated

*Maximum size 1/4 acre

Save with Combining

Ask us about combining mosquito control treatments with your regular maintenance or chemical program.

Our trained technicians' top priority is getting rid of mosquitos safely and effectively, so you can enjoy your outdoor area

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

If you are not completely happy with the effectiveness of your service call us within a week of your service and we'll come re-spray your property at no additional charge.

With effective mosquito control you can:

Protect your family against the
Zika virus and other mosquito
borne illnesses

Enjoy outdoor entertaining

Host special events
without worry

Start your first treatment today!


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